ICS Summer Internship Program 2013


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ICS Summer Internship Program 2013

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Aalto University Department of Information and Computer Science
ICS Summer Internship Program 2013

Number of degree-level study credits completed, percentage, salary in EUR
less than 120 cr (80 ocr), 75 %, 1627,50
120-180 cr (80-120 ocr), 85 %, 1844,50
180-240 cr (120-160 ocr), 90 %, 1953,00
240 cr (160 ocr) or more, 95 %, 2061,50

Have you ever pondered how to, for instance,
  • break a cipher,
  • decipher complex networks inside living cells,
  • model the structure and function of 2 meters of genomic DNA in a 10-micrometer cell nucleus,
  • and what makes machine learning a general-purpose tool that personalizes medicine, makes visualizations interactive and interfaces contextual?
Would you like to participate in world-class research on challenging problems like these? What are your plans for the next summer? See below what the Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University School of Science can offer you!
The Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University is recruiting a substantial number of summer interns to work on the following research topics during summer 2013:
ACN - Analysis of Citation Networks
APT - Answer-Set Programming Tools
CLE - Computerised Learning Environments
CMD - Mining City-Movement Data
CRY - Cryptography
CSB1 - Computational systems biology and regulatory genomics
CSB2 - Computational systems biology and regulatory genomics
DAK - Distributed algorithms for Kilobots
MCD - Modeling dynamics of T cell differentiation
MCM - Multi-Source Methods for Computational Medicine
MIV - Machine learning for information visualization
MLS - Machine Learning for Internet Security
MPD - Market of Private Data for Machine Learning
PAT - Computational Complexity of Patterned Self-Assembling Tile Sets
PEP - Planar Eulerian paths
PIR - Proactive Information Retrieval and Multimodal Interfaces
PPI - Computational prediction of protein-protein interactions
PRS - Probabilistic Reasoning via Satisfiability
SML - Statistical Machine Learning (1-3 positions)
There may be more topics, given good applicants. Each summer intern will be assigned a post-graduate student or a doctor as a personal supervisor who will advise in research tasks. The default training period is from June 3 until August 30. The monthly salary will depend on the number of relevant study credits that you have completed.
If you are studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree at Aalto University (or other Finnish university) and you feel that you have been successful in your studies of information and computer science, mathematics, or bioinformatics - and you are interested in scientific research work - you are an eligible applicant for our summer internship positions. Please note that students who do not have a study right for a Bachelor's or Master's degree at a Finnish University are not eligible for this call. We do not require previous research experience. Typically, you are allowed to include the work done during the training period as a special assignment in your studies, and in many cases you can continue the summer project towards a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Moreover, some of the summer interns continue with their research groups as full or part-time research assistants after summer.
Written applications are sent by Jan 31, 2013 at latest by utilizing the electronic application form available at:
https://careers.fi/aalto/add_applicatio ... &job_id=67
The applicant is supposed to express one's preferences on the application form by specifying 1—5 preferred topics using option codes (see the three-letter acronyms in the list of topics) and by distributing 6 preference points (positive integers) among them. These conditions give rise to two extreme cases: all 6 preference points are assigned to a single option (6+0+0+0+0=6) and the points are distributed among five options (2+1+1+1+1=6, i.e., you must prefer one of the options over others).
Each application should include the following attachments in pdf:
1. your up-to-date CV; and
2. an official up-to-date transcript of studies (a document provided by your university that lists the courses you have completed and the grades obtained).
All application materials are to be in English. Incomplete applications may not be taken into consideration. Application documents are not returned to applicants.
If you have any questions about a particular research topic, please contact the respective research group directly. Any general questions about this call or the application form should be directed to HR coordinator Stefan Ehrstedt (@aalto.fi).
This call was published on Jan 9, 2013.
Department of Information and Computer Science
For more information, please visit the web pages of the department at http://ics.aalto.fi/en%20/ or individual research groups at http://ics.aalto.fi/en/research/.

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